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I have recently had the exciting opportunity to create a logo and some marketing materials for Leigh Madeleine Photography, which made their début at the Maine Bridal Showcase Event in Portland this past weekend! Pictured here are images of the event booth and the materials I designed.


In an effort to study letterforms in detail I learned and practiced humanist cursive calligraphy in my advanced letterform class. Once I’d nearly perfected the hand after a semester of study and diligent practice I made a book of poetry which explored scale, color, pacing and tactile experience.



I have spent a great deal of 23 years taking trips alone or with family, friends and co-workers. I decided to map my memory of these travels using color, distortion of space, and typographic detail to demonstrate the way these trips are stored in my memory. I had a lot of fun translating past experiences onto a physical page where they relate to an abstracted physical space. The final piece was a large scale poster that requires the viewer to get real close and follow great lengths of type (often through dense masses of color where trips overlap) to experience my memories.



Somewhere along the way I became exposed to the Penobscot River Restoration Project and its efforts to restore spawning grounds to fish species native to Maine’s Penobscot river. The Atlantic Salmon in particular became of great interest in my research (both personally and for class), and are the focus of this informational piece illustrating their life-cycle and movement. I created a map that addresses the conflicts and goals of the River Restoration Project aiming to expose the impact of man-made blockages for fish along this natural river. I really enjoyed getting absorbed in research and the process of creating an informational piece documenting actual events.



A group of students wrote the personal narratives that flow and intertwine throughout this book. I emphasized the experience of noticing a common thread between the content and the experiencer of the piece through typography, sewing and through establishing an intentionally slow rhythmic pace at which the book is read. It is delicate, tactile, honest and experiential.


These vegetable seed packets demonstrate some skills that I truly enjoy working with; illustration, calligraphy, information design and package design. This was a time-intensive piece that required a lot of dedication, patience and attention to detail.




This is one of my favorite pieces: this tie a tie guide is better than anything you can find out there. It doesn’t require the use of a mirror, which greatly simplifies the entire process. There’s no reversed, upside-down complexity in these instructions. Straightforward. Simple. The way information design should be.



In the first few days of design majors studio this semester, we were asked to examine our personal inspiration, influences and intent. After gathering and organizing the pieces that infuse our creativity and guide our process in making, we each produced a small booklet that spoke volumes about the artists we have become. The projects that have followed thisworkshop (led by designer Dough Scott of WGBH), including all of my professional marketing pieces, have reflected the aesthetic choices that I am now able to clearly define.





Welcome to my blog. This is temporary, as I am designing my very own website. This will supply you with a more comprehensive overview of my creative projects and skills, past, present and future goals.

Until then, enjoy!